"I am a fan of her songwriting... 

"A master of irony and a searcher for the simpler insights that tend to elude us"

J.Richard Hutt - Canadian Music Producer - Cedartree Studios in Kitchener ON, Canada. 

With the band Big Love, Carrie was one of four contributing writers to a catalogue which yielded 3 full length cds and one 4 song EP. 

More recently, in addition to continuing to write independently, she has placed over 50 co-writes on recordings with artists such as Jamie Warren, Tonya Kennedy, BECKON, Jessie T, Tianna Woods, Kate Todd and Charissa.

  To date, 11 of the co-writes have been released as singles to country radio including;

" I Believe in You" ,  "She Saved Me", "Drink Along Song", "My Eyes are Up Here", "Feel Good Song" and "Everything and Nothing".

Below are some Co-written album cuts.

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Jamie Warren - "Do You Think of Me" and "Drink Along Song"  (2018)

Do You Think of Me.mp3

Drink Along Song.mp3

Charissa - "Feel Good Song"  (2018)

Feel Good Song.mp3

Tianna Woods - "My Eyes are Up Here"  (2018)

My Eyes Are Up Here.mp3

Kate Todd - "Everything and Nothing"  (2018)

Everything and Nothing.mp3

 Jamie Warren - "I've Got a Feeling" (2013)

She Saved Me.mp3

Tonya Kennedy                                                      

"He's Everything You're Not" (2012)

It's Been Awhile.mp3

Canadian Girl.mp3

 Beckon - "Beautiful Life" (2012)

All That I Need.mp3

Here and Now.mp3

Skinny Jeans.mp3

Stay with Me.mp3

Lay Me Down.mp3

Maybe I.mp3

 Jamie Warren - "Howl at the Moon" (2010)

I Believe in You.mp3

I Aint In A Hurry Clip.mp3

Open a Window Clip.mp3

Big Hearts Break Hard Clip.mp3