Have a listen to a few of the songs that Carrie has written for some very special occasions!

All Over Again.mp3

The Way You Made My Day.mp3


Love Story Worthy of a Song.mp3

Every Life Tells a Story – Every Story Sings a Song

There are few life events that affect us more profoundly than the loss of a loved one.  There are many important and poignant ways of celebrating and honouring the life stories of those who have passed before us. Every life has a remarkable story to tell and that songs are an incredibly powerful vehicle for sharing these life stories.

Carrie DeMaeyer is an award winning songwriter and Certified Life Cycle Celebrant © who will work with you to create and record a musical memory of your special occasion - whether it be a 'lyrical eulogy' that will honour the life of your loved one, a 'welcome to the world' baby blessing or song that marks the beginning of your new life together.  

Imagine being part of co-creating your very own version "We've Only Just Begun"!!

Below you will find a few samples of songs that she has written for a variety of special occasions – including weddings, baby blessings and other commissioned works. 



 After the initial consultation, your song will be written and professionally recorded with J.R. Hutt at Cedartree Studios in Kitchener Ontario. Please see below for production options.


At the completion of the project, you will receive a CD of the song and a keepsake copy of the lyric sheet

Additional copies of the recording available to family/friends as requested  (additional fees may apply) 

Due to practical time constraints related to the writing and recording process, this service is typically more feasible for the following services/ceremonies;

  1. Memorials. (Please note, this service is also available for living memorials) 
  2. Baby Blessings/Christening
  3. Marriages/civil unions



Original song - music and lyrics

       Professional production mixing and mastering      

             Acoustic guitar or piano and vocal       



 Original song - music and lyrics 

       Professional production mixing and mastering      

Full band presentation (stock arrangement)




 Original song - music and lyrics 

       Professional production mixing and mastering      

Full band presentation - original arrangement



To find out more about this service - please contact Carrie